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*The ticket is valid in electronic format, downloaded from the email directly to the mobile phone or tablet or printed at the best possible resolution to allow the barcode to be easily scanned and implicitly to allow access to the event location.

*At the entrance, the ticket can be exchanged for a bracelet that must be worn throughout the event. Damage, breakage or alienation of this bracelet will result in ticket cancellation and access restriction to the event.

*Do not alienate the ticket in their physical or electronic form. Do not send to other people the email through which you obtained the ticket because only one person can have access to the event based on scanning the barcode on the ticket. If several people present the same ticket, respectively the same ticket code at the entrance, only the first person who presents a valid code will have access to the event, and the other copies of the tickets will be retained, following that the owners of these copies will be held responsible for forgery and use of forgery by the authorities.

* and the organizers will not compensate or refund people who present tickets that are not valid, that have been scanned in advance and that have allowed another person to access the event.

*Please buy tickets only from or from the points officially announced by the event organizers. Do not buy tickets from unauthorized sales points because you run the risk of buying fake tickets.

*The event organizer has the right to cancel or modify the date, time, place of the event.

*In case of cancellation of the event, the buyer has the right to ask for the price of the ticket back. The return of the ticket price is the responsibility of the organizer and will be returned in full within a maximum of 30 days (from the date of the event) through Moving the event to another place (or date) in the same locality does not constitute a reason for ticket reimbursement.

*In the extreme case that the event is cancelled, the organizer will not settle the additional costs (accommodation, train tickets, plane tickets, processing fee, etc.).

*The ticket holder is obliged to submit to physical control by the security bodies authorized to access the location of the event.

*The PURCHASER/VISITOR who reserves one or more tickets explicitly acknowledges the fact of having read and accepted these general terms of sale, now that they have been made available in the reservation process.

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